UDOO! Empowering People in Small Businesses

  "Your Personal Guide" to Successfully Working in Small  Businesses


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How small businesses are different

Six Step Approach

First impression

Your cover letter

Your resume

Your references

Exploring jobs rules of thumb

Minimizing commute consideration

Interviewing urgency

When to arrive for interview

What to bring to the interview

Early bird gets the worm

Ask for a trial

Prepare to start immediately

Dress code

Do not ask what to wear to interview

Personal calls at work

Cell phones

Use email

Alcohol, tobacco and other substances

Separate business from personal

How to handle arriving late

Most important tasks are learned on the job so relax

Don't tell your life story the first week

Don't ask 1000 random questions about the company the first week

Do not leave early the first week

Terminating the job letter template


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