UDOO! Empowering People in Small Businesses

  "Your Personal Guide" to Successfully Working in Small  Businesses


  UDOO! Manager

UDOO Manager Methodology

bulletTime Tracking
bulletTask Tracking
bulletBest Practices Document
bulletMonthly Progress Review
bulletPerformance Feedback Loop 
bulletQuick-Start on the Job
bulletOnce a Year Review Loop
bulletDrop-Box Folder


UDOO Business Development Model
bulletReview of Areas to Increase Productivity
bulletOffice Organization and HR 101
bulletBookkeeping 101, 102, 103 & 104 
bulletPersonnel Selection
bulletOn Boarding Staff
bulletForms Library

UDOO provides a "Drop-Box" folder to help you get organized and to assists you in developing road map documents of "How, What, When and Where" things are done. 

Then tracks your progress and keeps you on track.

UDOO will give you the knowledge of how to effectively select and focus the work of your company's personnel
 "With great knowledge brings great power." 

Creator: Michael Andrews, MBA finresultsmichaela@sbcglobal.net

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The UDOO! difference!

"Not just acquiring more knowledge 
but applying the knowledge you have more effectively."